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C24 Construction Timber

Construction Timber

C24 timber refers to a specific grade of softwood timber that is commonly used in construction. The “C” stands for coniferous, indicating that the wood comes from evergreen cone-bearing trees, typically softwoods like pine or spruce. The number “24” denotes the timber’s strength class.

Key features of C24 timber include:

Strength and Durability:

– C24 timber is known for its high strength, making it suitable for structural applications in construction.

– It undergoes rigorous grading based on strength characteristics, ensuring a reliable and robust material.

Construction Use:

– Commonly used for load-bearing structures such as beams, joists, and rafters in building construction.

– Its strength properties make it suitable for applications where structural integrity is crucial.

Grading Criteria:

– Grading involves assessing factors like density, knot size, and straightness of grain.

– C24 indicates that the timber meets specific criteria for these characteristics, ensuring a high-quality and consistent product.


– Due to its strength and reliability, C24 timber is versatile and can be employed in various structural elements within a building.

Compliance with Standards:

– C24 timber is often produced in accordance with industry standards and regulations to meet the required specifications for structural timber in construction.

When using C24 timber, it’s essential to follow recommended building codes and guidelines to ensure proper installation and compliance with structural requirements.

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