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Timber Cladding

Timber cladding involves using wooden panels or boards to cover the exterior walls of a building. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Types of timber cladding:

Shiplap Cladding:

– Horizontal boards with a slight overlap, creating a clean and uniform appearance.

– Effective at shedding water, providing weather protection.

Tongue and Groove Cladding:

– Interlocking edges for a seamless and tight fit, reducing the chance of water penetration.

– Often used for a more traditional or rustic look.

Board-on-Board Cladding:

– Overlapping boards where each successive layer covers the joint of the previous one.

– Offers enhanced privacy and weather resistance.

Channel Cladding:

– Boards with a groove cut out, creating a channel effect when installed.

– Provides a modern and visually interesting design.

Batten Cladding:

– Vertical or horizontal battens that create a gap between boards, allowing for ventilation.

– Commonly used for a contemporary and open appearance.

Cedar Shingle Cladding:

– Small, tapered wooden shingles applied to the exterior, offering a textured and distinctive look.

– Suitable for a range of architectural styles.

V-Joint Cladding:

– Boards with a V-shaped groove along the joint, adding depth to the cladding.

– Ideal for creating visual interest and shadow lines.

Rustic Waney Edge Cladding:

– Features irregular edges from the outer part of the tree, providing a more natural and rustic appearance.

– Offers a unique, textured facade.

Reclaimed Timber Cladding:

– Repurposed wood from old structures, contributing to a weathered and characterful aesthetic.

– Embraces sustainability and adds historical charm.

Modified Wood Cladding:

– Timber that undergoes treatment processes to enhance durability and resistance to decay.

– Provides a stable and long-lasting cladding option.

When choosing timber cladding, factors like wood species, installation method, and maintenance requirements should be considered to ensure the desired look and performance for the specific project.

Shiplap tanalised fence board

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