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Home & Garden (Fence Panels & Trellis)

Home & Garden (Fence Panels & Trellis)

Timber Fence Panels

Timber fence panels are pre-assembled sections of fencing made from wood, typically used for residential, commercial, or agricultural purposes. These panels provide a convenient and efficient way to install fencing, as they come ready-made with the necessary components.

Types of timber fence panels

Overlap Fence Panels:

– Affordable and traditional design with overlapping horizontal boards.

– Provides basic privacy and a classic look.

Closeboard Fence Panels:

– Sturdy and durable panels constructed with vertically placed feather-edge boards.

– Offers increased privacy and security.

Lap Fence Panels:

– Similar to overlap panels but with horizontal slats that partially overlap.

– Balanced between affordability and a neat appearance.

Picket Fence Panels:

– Classic design with evenly spaced vertical boards (pickets).

– Adds a decorative touch and is ideal for front gardens.

Trellis Fence Panels:

– Panels with an open framework, often used for climbing plants.

– Adds a decorative element and allows for a degree of transparency.

Decorative Fence Panels:

– Various designs and patterns to enhance the visual appeal of the garden.

– Can include lattice, horizontal slats, or other decorative elements.

Feather Edge Fence Panels:

– Constructed with tapered boards that create a strong and robust panel.

– Offers a traditional and solid fencing option.

Modular Fence Panels:

– Panels with a modular design that allows for flexibility in arrangement.

– Suitable for creating custom configurations and unique garden layouts.

Composite Fence Panels:

– Made from a combination of wood fibres and recycled plastic.

– Low-maintenance, durable, and resistant to rot and pests.

Bamboo Fence Panels:

– Sustainable and eco-friendly option with a natural aesthetic.

– Provides a tropical or rustic look to the garden.

When choosing garden fence panels, consider factors such as the desired level of privacy, the style of the garden, maintenance requirements, and the local climate. Proper installation and maintenance will ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the fence panels.


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