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Timber Decking

Timber Decking

Timber decking is the construction of outdoor platforms or surfaces using wood. It’s a popular choice for decks, patios, or garden areas due to its natural appearance and versatility. Timber decking materials can include various types of wood, each with its own characteristics and maintenance requirements.

Variations of timber decking can include; smooth, grooved and non-slip decking boards depending on the requirement of the area to be covered.

Types of Timber Decking –

Several types of timber are commonly used for decking, each with its unique characteristics:

Pressure-Treated Pine:

Affordable and widely used, treated pine is resistant to decay and insects.


Naturally resistant to decay and insects, cedar has a distinctive appearance and aroma. It’s a popular choice for its durability and aesthetics.


Known for its rich colour and natural resistance to insects and decay, redwood is a premium decking material.

Composite Decking:

While not wood, composite decking combines wood fibres with synthetic materials for a low-maintenance option with high durability.

Douglas Fir:

A strong softwood, Douglas fir is less common for decking but can be a cost-effective option.

The choice depends on factors like budget, desired aesthetics, and maintenance preferences.


Timber Decking Styles –

Timber decking comes in various styles to suit different preferences and architectural designs:

Traditional/Rectangular Decking:

Classic and versatile, rectangular-shaped decks are common and can be easily customized.

Diagonal Decking:

Placing deck boards at a diagonal angle creates a dynamic and visually interesting pattern.

Herringbone Decking:

This pattern involves placing deck boards at a 90-degree angle to create a zigzag design, adding a touch of sophistication.

Chevron Decking:

Similar to herringbone but with a continuous V-shaped pattern, chevron decking offers a modern twist.

Parallel Decking:

Deck boards run parallel to the home, providing a clean and streamlined appearance.

Picture Frame Decking:

Adding a border or “picture frame” around the perimeter of the deck enhances its visual appeal.

Multi-Level Decking:

Incorporating different levels adds depth and dimension to the outdoor space, creating distinct areas for various activities.

The choice of style often depends on personal taste, the architecture of the home, and the desired atmosphere for the outdoor space.

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