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Timber Fencing

Timber fencing is a popular choice for residential, commercial and agricultural properties, offering a natural aesthetic and durability. Common types include cedar, pine, and redwood. Properly treated timber can resist decay and pests, ensuring longevity. Installation varies, with options like picket, privacy, and split-rail designs. Regular maintenance, such as staining or sealing, helps preserve the wood and enhances its appearance. Timber fencing provides both functional boundaries and contributes to the overall charm of outdoor spaces.

Types of Timber Fencing

Cedar Fencing:

– Known for its natural resistance to decay and insects.

– Offers a rich, reddish-brown hue that weathers beautifully.

Pine Fencing:

– Affordable option with versatility in design.

– Requires proper treatment to enhance durability and prevent decay.

Redwood Fencing:

– Durable and naturally resistant to decay.

– Attractive colour variations, ranging from light pink to deep red.

Pressure-Treated Wood:

– Commonly pine or fir treated with preservatives for increased durability.

– Ideal for withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Hardwood Fencing:

– Offers exceptional strength and durability.

– Higher cost, but often chosen for its elegance and longevity.

Composite Wood Fencing:

– Blends wood fibres with recycled plastic for low maintenance.

– Resistant to rot, decay, and insects.

Bamboo Fencing:

– Renewable and eco-friendly option.

– Lightweight yet durable, suitable for various designs.

Split-Rail Fencing:

– Rustic design with horizontal rails inserted into vertical posts.

– Often used for decorative or agricultural purposes.

Picket Fencing:

– Classic design with evenly spaced vertical boards (pickets).

– Adds charm to gardens and complements traditional aesthetics.

Lattice Fencing:

– Incorporates a decorative lattice pattern for a more open feel.

– Ideal for climbing plants, creating a visually appealing barrier.

Choosing the right type of timber fencing depends on factors like budget, desired aesthetics, and maintenance preferences.


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